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Autism Scholarships

29 March, 2011 (21:21) | Autism Scholarships | By: Carlo Evanson

Autism ScholarshipsIf you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Autism you may want to consider an Autism Scholarship to help defray the expenses of a college education.

Why Apply for a Scholarship?

Getting a college education can be prohibitively expensive.  Tuition rates alone can cost between $10,000-$40,000 per year depending on the college that you are attending; add in book expenses, lab fees, food and housing and it can become quite the daunting task.

While there are plenty of Federal Student Loans available, that is simply putting off the inevitable, because you have to pay them back eventually.  On the other hand, scholarships and grants are free money; yours for the taking, with no obligation to ever have to pay them back.

Scholarships are available for everything from high academic achievement to specific ethnicity; and from music to sports, which is where an Autism Scholarships comes into play.

Types of Scholarships for Those with Autism

Autism is a complex condition, and while those with severe autism may not be able to deal with the pressures of college, there are plenty of individuals with lesser degrees of Autism who can benefit from a college education.  To these ends, there are an incredible number of scholarships available for those who have been diagnosed as Autistic.

The types of scholarships fall into three basic types.  First are the scholarships that are awarded by the colleges or universities themselves.  The second kind of scholarships for those with Autism come from private foundations and organizations or Corporations.  Finally there are those scholarships that are available from local, state and Federal programs.

Popular Autism Scholarships

Some of the better known scholarships for those with Autism include:

The CVS Scholarship. This scholarship comes courtesy of the Autism Society of America.  It is better known as the CVS/All Kids Can Scholarship.  It is awarded annually in the amount of $1,000 per student and can be used toward any accredited college or trade school.  The student must have proof of Autistic diagnosis and be able to submit a personal statement of 500 words.

The Scholarship Program of the Schwallie Family provides financial help for college students with autism.  Supported by the Organization for Autism Research and the Schwallie Family Scholarship program, this program supports three scholarships each year, one each for a trade school, a two year college, and a four year college.  The award amount is $3,000 per scholarship regardless of the school being attended.  Again, proof of an Autistic diagnosis is a pre-requisite, as is acceptance at the college or trade school.

There are dozens of other programs available, the majority of them being on a local college or state level, for most every state has funds set aside for the education of Autistic students.  Some colleges even allow tuition for Autistic students to be waived.  Make sure to contact the institution that you are planning on attending and asking for Autism-specific information.

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