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Clinical Depression Scholarship Money

23 August, 2011 (19:19) | Clinical Depression Scholarship | By: Carlo Evanson

Have you been diagnosed with clinical depression?  Then there is a chance that you may be able to use your disability in order to receive funding for your college education.

About Clinical Depression

Clinical Depression is a serious disease, and one that affects thousands of people worldwide.  However, with the right treatment, clinical depression can be managed so that the one diagnosed can live a relatively normal life.  Due to the high cost of medical treatment, however, the treatment of clinical depression can sometimes eat into the money that would otherwise be used for higher education, which is where Clinical Depression Scholarship Money comes into play.

Where to get Clinical Depression Scholarship Money

Money for scholarships for those with clinical depression can come from a number of sources.  First off, you can look at general scholarships, for a good number of general scholarships give extra consideration to those that are suffering from a specific disease (such as clinical depression).   Many general scholarships have clauses which allow students to be able to put in for them and claim why they should receive the money due to the difficulties that they have overcome.

Another consideration would be a Disability Scholarship.  If your depression is severe enough you may qualify for a disability scholarship.  Disability scholarships are available to those with demonstrable disabilities which have to be overcome in order to live a normal life.  You will need to check with the specific disability program or scholarship in order to see if you qualify.

If you have clinical depression another option for you may be state vocational rehabilitation services.  Monies from the state vocational rehabilitation services is specifically for students with disabilities severe enough that further training or rehabilitation is needed in order for them to be able to hold down a ‘normal’ job.

If, however, you are looking for scholarships specifically designed for those with clinical depression, there are still options available, these include the Davidson Scholarship Fund and the Eli Lilly and Company Reintegration Scholarships.

A Davidson Scholarship is awarded by the Canadian Mental Health Association.  Eligible students can be members of CMHA-sponsored programs, or residents of the same kinds of programs.  These scholarships are also available for students who are studying various programs to do with mental health in college.  For more information, see: Davidson Gifted Scholarship

The Eli  Lilly and Company Reintegration Scholarships are funded by The Center for Reintegration.  This organization helps people with severe mental health disorders.  This includes things like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and clinical depression and they offer a yearly scholarship for those who are having to fight these kinds of illnesses. For more information, see:  http://www.reintegration.com/resources/scholarships/apply.asp

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