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Dollar General Scholarship

20 August, 2011 (15:22) | Dollar General Scholarship | By: Carlo Evanson

Would you be interested in $50,000 to put towards your education?  Of course you would, so why not check into the Dollar General Scholarship?

About Dollar General

Dollar General was co-founded by J.L. Turner who had to quit school at the age of eleven.  The man was considered to be functionally illiterate when he started up the company, but his dedication to education has become a part of the corporate culture of Dollar General, and the various scholarships that Dollar General has taken part in exemplify this dedication.

In fact, so dedicated was J.L. Turner to continuing education that he established the Dollar General Literacy Foundation to promote literacy and education, especially in lower income or inner city neighborhoods, and it is a vision that has expanded across the country with every Dollar General that is opened.

About the Dollar General Scholarship

If you look at various college scholarship websites, you will see mention made of a Suave/Dollar General scholarship available by submitting an essay.  While the Suave/Dollar General Scholarship is no longer active, Dollar General does have a $50,000 grant available to those who are interested in getting or continuing their education.

Unlike the Suave/Dollar General scholarship/essay contest, the $50,000 Dollar General grant does not require a purchase of any kind.  You simply fill out the necessary contact information (you can opt out of any updates and promotions/coupons being sent to your email) and then compose your essay.

The grand prize winner receives a $50,000 educational grant.  Three first prize winners receive $25,000 educational grants, twenty second prize winners receive $5,000 educational grants, 500 third prize winners receive a $100 Dollar General Gift Card while, just for entering, you enter a daily prize drawing (31 awarded per day) for a $25 gift card.

For more information regarding this scholarship/grant giveaway or to enter the contest, you can go to:

(This link is no longer active http://www.dollargeneral.com/promotions/pages/LiteracyEssay.aspx )

Please see the Dollar General Literacy Foundation Page

UPDATE: The Dollar General Scholarship program seems to be discontinued in 2012. Instead, Dollar General is current focuses is on education programs that specifically benefit local literacy programs and GEDs.


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    Comment from Micaiah Taylor
    Time August 22, 2011 at 7:33 pm

    To would really love to take the money from this scholarship to pay my college expenses. I will be applying for this scholarship now thanks for the information mate.

    Comment from Carol Evanson
    Time August 23, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    Good Luck!

    Comment from Julia Puckett
    Time February 17, 2012 at 3:30 pm

    Where is the corrected site to apply for this scholarship? My students are wanting to apply for this scholarship, but when they go to the link, all they get is the following error report:
    HTTP 404: File not Found
    We’re Sorry
    The page you are looking for is currently not available. This could be caused by out-of-date links, a typing error, or moving, renaming, or deleting a file. We’ve informed our web service team of this problem
    One student, a Dollar General employee, is standing right here now, wanting to apply for a scholarship. Can you please help?
    Thank you.

    Comment from Carol Evanson
    Time February 26, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    It looks like the link was taken down I dont have information on why or when. The only links I can provide you with is the Dollar General Literacy Foundation Grant. When I have more information I will email you directly… Dollar General Literacy Foundation Link

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