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Mayflower Descendant Scholarships

4 March, 2012 (23:34) | Mayflower Descendant Scholarships | By: Carlo Evanson

Did one of your distant relations sail to America on the Mayflower?  If so, you may be eligible for a special mayflower Descendant Scholarship.

About the Mayflower

Chances are that back in grade school you learned about the Mayflower – the first ship to sail to America with the Pilgrims as passengers.  There were 51 passengers on the Mayflower, and many of them have descendants who are alive today.  If you can prove your ancestry; your relationship to one of these 51 Mayflower passengers, you may be looking at a significant scholarship award from your individual state.

Today there are millions of individuals who are direct descendants of these brave people who came to America when there were no welcoming cities or infrastructure that could be used to help them create a comfortable life.  If you can prove that one of these 51 individuals was your ancestor, you may be eligible to receive extra money for you college education.

What is a Mayflower Descendant Scholarship?

Mayflower Descendant Scholarships are scholarships which are awarded by individual states to individuals who can prove that they are direct descendants of one of the Mayflower passengers.  But first, of course, you have to determine eligibility.

Who is Eligible for a Mayflower Descendant Scholarship?

It is quite self-explanatory.  Mayflower Descendant Scholarships are available for those who can prove that they are descended from one of the Mayflower passengers.  If you are wondering if you could possibly be one of those descendants, you can find more information at the following website:  The Mayflower Society Main Page

How Do You apply for a Mayflower Descendant Scholarship?

Each state has its own website; as well as its own specifications for application and its own application that needs to be filled out.

An example of one of the state programs available visit Mayflower Descendant awards

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