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Scholarship Pageants

17 April, 2011 (07:46) | Pageants Scholarship | By: Carlo Evanson

Scholarship PageantsBeauty may only be skin deep, but a college education goes even deeper. Colleges are getting more and more expensive and it’s been found that parents haven’t saved as much as they thought they should have, or didn’t save at all. Some of the responsibility for paying for college has fallen back on the students. There are millions of dollars of free money out there that’s ripe for the picking, but you’ll have to earn it. A great way to do that is through Scholarship pageants.

Scholarship pageants are beauty or talent pageants in which the prize money comes in the form of scholarship money towards a college or university. Unlike most scholarships, pageant scholarships are usually good for any degree and any college. Most are open to all teenagers who are looking to enter college in the US.

Most pageants are beauty pageants for girls. The Cinderella Scholarship Pageant, as well as the Bismarck-Mandan pageant award thousands of dollars as the prize. Scholarships are a way to put a significant dent into the total bill for college, so the more that you enter and win, the less you’ll have to pay for the hard way – loans.

There are virtually thousands of pageants every year for attractive girls. There would be no way to even enter a fraction of them. Being able to strut your stuff on a run way and show a special talent can be a great way towards free money. Most prizes start at $500 and go upwards from there. Win a few (or even place second or third in some of the larger competitions) and before long you’ve paid for college.

Scholarship pageants are almost everywhere. Every city and state has them. Some are even themed for horticulture, farming and businesses. Another great thing about scholarship pageants is there are no real age limits. Girls (and sometimes boys) can start entering scholarship pageants at a very early age. Even before a child is in middle school, they may have won enough pageant money for college.

There are certain sites that are dedicated to listing pageants around the country. Some of them are localized where others are a country-wide search. Pageantcenter.com and Missteenusa.com both are excellent resources to find out about pageants that are near you and whether you qualify or not. These are not always beauty pageants. They can be for boys and girls alike, for beauty, community service and talent.

Scholarships are often hard to get because they are need or merit based. They require time consuming applications and a long wait. However, scholarship pageants require a nice costume and some make up and you’ll know by the end of the pageant whether you’ve been awarded the money or not.

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