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Scholarships for Over 60 Year Olds

21 March, 2011 (16:35) | Over 60 Scholarships | By: Carlo Evanson

Scholarships for Over 60 Year OldsThere are a number of reasons why someone over the age of 60 would want to go back to school, but the real question is, are there scholarships available to those sixty and over?

Seniors in the Classroom

The economy being in the state it is, it is not at all unusual to see retirees re-entering the workforce.  The only problem is (especially for those who have been out of the loop for any length of time) that their skills may be out of date.  The solution for many is to go back to the classroom to refresh a degree or to update their skills.  So, what sorts of scholarships are available for the over sixty set?

Types of Scholarships Available

When it comes to scholarships for senior citizens, one of the first things you may want to do is read the fine print of some of the other basic scholarship programs, for many of them have proven to be available not just for young people, but for anyone who has applied to and been accepted by an accredited higher education facility, meaning that you have just as good of a chance of getting the award as does the seventeen year old high school senior.

Another excellent place to look for scholarships is through AARP (American Association of Retired Persons).  This group gives out regular scholarships for individuals over the age of 50, and awards vary depending on the school chosen and the field of study being pursued.

If you are a woman and over the age of 60, your chances of getting a scholarship increase exponentially seeing as that there are a good number of scholarships aimed specifically at older women.  The Talbots Scholarship is one of these, though it is good only for those women (between age 20 and 69) who have not yet earned their Bachelor’s Degree. The Jeanette Rankin Scholarship is another such scholarship, but this one is based on economic status and financial need

But probably the best option for senior citizens re-entering the classroom, is to check with local communities and businesses as well as with individual colleges, for most areas have local and state programs, as well as individual private funds set aside to help local seniors achieve their educational goals.

Other Options

Another option for those seniors looking to renter the workforce is to check with their local state colleges regarding tuition waiver scholarships.  Almost two dozen states offer free tuition to seniors who wish to audit their classes and even free or significantly reduced tuition for those looking for college credit.  The specifications from state to state and from college to college differ and income limits may apply in some situations, but it is definitely worth looking into!

Also, if you are not looking for a degree as such, but just to brush up your skills, many colleges have continuing education programs designed specifically for seniors at reduced rates.  The programs do not usually apply towards a degree, but they may cover such useful things as computer technology, communications, creative writing and the like.

Don’t Let Age Stop You!

Whatever you do, don’t let your age stop you from getting the education – or the job that you deserve!  With a little research, you may very well find that you are better able to afford to go to college now than when you were fresh out of high school!

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    Comment from Eric Crumpton
    Time April 25, 2012 at 1:36 am

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