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Sears And Roebuck Grants And Scholarship Information

15 April, 2011 (03:47) | Sears And Roebuck Scholarship | By: Carlo Evanson

Sears And Roebuck ScholarshipNow that spring has sprung, a lot of students are thinking about what comes after high school. College can be expensive and a lot of people turn away because they don’t think they can afford it. However there are ways to meet these expenses. Financial aid is available for qualified students. Most colleges have a financial aid office to help with any questions and forms. In addition to traditional sources of aid, there are also scholarships and grants available.

Sears is one of the most well known names in the retail business. They are the fourth largest retailer in the United states and Canada, and a leader in home appliances, and indoor and outdoor furniture. This retailer offers scholarships and grants through its foundation, which was established for employees and children of employees. To be eligible for these scholarships you must either be employed by Sears or related to someone who is. Information and forms are available on the retailers website.

The Sears-Kmart-DECA scholarship is for associates employed by those stores. Applicants are required to major in management, marketing, or retail merchandising. All applicants must be students in good students. You are also required to demonstrate leadership at work and in your DECA activities. You are also required to fill out an application at the DECA website.

The Sears Craftsman scholarship is offered and funded by Sears but awards are handed out by the National Hot Rod Association. Applicants must demonstrate outstanding scholastic achievement. Applicants must also be active in community service and after school activities. There are 20 awards of a thousand dollars and one of twenty five thousand dollars handed out each year. Applicants need to bring two letters of reference, as well as transcripts, along with one or more pictures of the applicant doing some form of community service.

The Sears Fashion Merchandising Scholarship is for students who wish to go to school and study fashion design and merchandising. Applicants must demonstrate academic excellence and be active in their communities. Unlike other Sears scholarships, anyone can apply for this one. This can be used at any college for any expenses as long as the student is enrolled in an eligible program. Applicants must complete an essay and provide two letters of character reference. More information is available on the retailers website, or at any Sears location. You can also find information on the Internet.

No matter where you go to school it’s not going to be cheap or easy. That’s why there are several financial aid opportunities to help make those expenses seem less of a burden. There are other scholarships and grants out there. A lot of students are eligible for more than one. Ask around, do some research, contact your schools financial aid office. School is a great choice.

For more information visit the Sears Holdings Careers and College information Page

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    Comment from Jeff Sepvlieda
    Time September 10, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    I am looking into the Sears Fashion Merchandising Scholarship. I think I may have an opportunity to qualify for it. Thanks, this has really helped!

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