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Verizon Scholarship

26 August, 2011 (17:45) | Verizon Scholarship | By: Carlo Evanson

Verizon is a proud supporter of education, and if your parents happen to work for Verizon, you just may be in luck, for you are eligible to apply for some excellent scholarship opportunities.

About Verizon

Verizon is one of the largest communications companies in the United States and is proud to offer its services to customers across the country.  Verizon employs a large number of people and takes great pride in making sure that they take care of their employees.  Towards these ends, Verizon offers scholarships to the dependent children of their employees.

Verizon also has a vision of a literate and educated work force, which is why they have worked closely with Scholarship America to provide funding for educational programs around the nation, but they also decided that a more personal approach was needed, specifically, they created the Verizon Scholarship Program.

About the Verizon Company’s Scholarship Program

The Verizon Company’s Scholarship program awards $20,000 college scholarships to high school seniors who are dependent children of Verizon employees.  These scholarships are earmarked for use over the student’s four-year college career and the student’s majors do not matter.  Awarded scholarships have been given to students who planned on taking everything from Political Science to Engineering and Education.

The selection of the Verizon scholarship recipients is based on a number of factors.  These include academic achievement, financial need and involvement in outside activities and Verizon is proud to announce that since they began this program in 2001 their scholarship foundation has awarded more than $39 million to over 2,253 students.

Qualifications for the Verizon Scholarship

In order to qualify for the Verizon Scholarship there are a number of things required.  First, the student in question has to be the child of a Verizon Employee based in the United States.  Another qualification is that the employee on whom the qualification is based has to be either an active Verizon Corporate employee, an active Verizon Services Organization (VSO) employee, or an active Verizon Wireless or Verizon Telecom and Business employee who has had at least a minimum three months of employment by the company as of February first of the year for which the scholarship is being applied for.  (Children of union-represented employees are not eligible for this scholarship).  The student in question must be a high school senior and be planning on attending a four-year college or university.  Finally, students who are already enrolled in college are not eligible for this scholarship.

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