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Woodworking Scholarships And Grant Information

21 March, 2011 (14:30) | Woodworking Scholarships | By: Carlo Evanson

As you enter your senior year, and start to make plans regarding which college you will attend, it is doubtful that many of you have woodworking scholarships on your mind. But you may be surprised at the number of scholarships and grants available for those who have a talent for working with wood.

People skilled in the art of woodworking are known as elite craftsmen. Many have spent years honing and perfecting their craft. In recognition of the fact that woodworking requires much intense study and years of practice, many school and other public interest groups have gotten together to offer scholarships to those wishing to study woodworking.

While there are also more traditional forms of financial aid to be considered, loans can often become troublesome to pay back, and grants are specific in their requirements. There is state aid for most colleges and schools, but a good source of financial aid that doesn’t need to be paid back is a scholarship. Scholarships are offered by a variety of groups, for a variety of reasons, in a variety of fields related to woodworking. Whether you’re a carpenter or a carver of fine wood statues, there is probably some kind of aid out there for you.

In this day and age the fastest way to find information regarding scholarships is to look it up on the Internet. There you will find many sites devoted to information about available scholarships. Many times you will find links to the actual applications themselves should you wish to start now. Many people may be eligible for more than one scholarship. You are encouraged to research thoroughly and apply for anything you feel you might be eligible for. After all every little bit helps.

The Association of Woodworking Furnishers And Suppliers offers a four year scholarship to students who wish to attend a woodworking school or enter that field of study. Interested applicants must be enrolled in a woodworking program, and you are expected to maintain a passing grade.

The Brian Hamill Woodworking award is a smaller privately funded scholarship available for students wishing to pursue a career in woodworking. Students are expected to be enrolled in a woodworking major, and they are also expected to maintain passing grades.

Full woodworking scholarship programs are being offered through the University Of Rio. These four years scholarships are available for students wishing to pursue a career in woodworking. The school has a fine woodworking program under the direction of one of is distinguished graduates. Students are expected to be enrolled in a woodworking program full time at the university. Student must maintain a passing grade to remain in the program.

These are just a few of the many opportunities available to any student who wishes to go to school for woodworking. Turn your hobby into your career. You don’t have to be nineteen to go to college. Scholarships while typically offered to high school students may also be available for those who wish to change their career or path in life. All you have to do is find something that fits your situation.

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